With the plight of the fresh orangutan still on my mind, I decided to shift my attention to an animal of similar hue, the red rooster, not to be confused with Marcus Samuelsson’s up in Harlem. I called Zoe and dragged her with me to Chinatown on Thursday, Jan 26th, on the eve of Chinese New Year’s eve to speak to some people about the upcoming holidays.

There were red roosters everywhere. Most of the people we met were very suspicious. Maybe it was just the furry windjammer, but there were potentially other things as well.

Others were gracious and we enjoyed our time together. I still can’t believe that the doorman with the huge knife scar on his neck in front of the stairs that lead up to the interesting massage parlor relented to Zoe’s pressure. You can hear his voice in the opening rooster song. If he sounds scared, you can blame little Zoe.

Meanwhile, Yang was attempting to break me into the Bank of America event where he was performing his erhu later that evening, also perchance in Chinatown. It would have been beautiful to record his live performance. But being the gracious friend and consummate professional that he is, he recorded 4 tracks – Xiyangyang, Happy, Huangmei, and Luchaihua – for me later that night and dropped them off in a box for me to open on Friday morning. And thus I am able to share his gifts with you.

Friday, Jan 27th, New Year’s Eve.

After meeting with Gloria somewhere near Bryant Park in the afternoon, I jumped on an 7 express train out to Flushing, while Zoe made her way down to Brooklyn Chinatown. She found a gaggle of sweet kids in a park and I uncovered some teenagers on the basketball and in the food courts, a nice Taiwanese lady waiting with her auntie for their car service after their special dinner, and a girl originally from Fujian named Ru in a clothing store.

After a quick dinner at the New World Mall foodcourt, I made the long journey back to resume editing.

Jessie was in Taiwan so we talked on the phone. She downloaded the app so we could transfer some authentic audio from the Taiwanese celebrations straight back to NYC to be bounced and broadcast back out to infinity.

Saturday, Jan 28th, 2017, 新年快乐.

I arrived at Sara Roosevelt Park around 11am for the Firecracker Ceremony and Cultural Festival. Zoe, of course, was a little late and it was very fucking cold. There were flakes that fluttered like snow because it was slightly snowing, but the firecrackers didn’t seem to mind. With the weird looking monster who looks like an alien vanquished and gone away, we were finally safe to put our full energy into thoroughly fearing and enjoying the rest of 2017.

Host: Sh∞tspitter Kane

Guest(s): Anonymous Voices of Chinatown

Music: Yang Wang (Erhu), Wang Rong Rollin (Chick Chick)

Special Shoutouts: Jessie

AI: Zoe (Audio + Photography)

Location: POETLab Studios + Chinatown NYC; Chinatown Brooklyn; Flushing, Queens; Taipei, Taiwan

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