Last Friday, Feb 3rd, exactly one week ago, was a busy day for both of us. Nevertheless, Yasmin the Super Woman persisted, and I appreciated every single NYC minute of it.

After seeing her off at the train station, I rushed back home to prepare for Jacob’s impending arrival. My decision to schedule both of my Saudi friends, who happened to also know each other, for the same night was starting to feel a bit overambitious and totally insane, despite my lingering enthusiasm. 5 hours with Yasmin and I ended up shooting the shit with Jacob for an additional 5 hours, until we started to die at 3am.

We ate some delicious Indian delivery and I introduced Jacob to his first mango lassi. For dessert, we smoked and then proceeded to talk about Yemen, our plans to visit Aden and Yafa, the fireworks show and gun salute that would greet me, slaughtered cows and lambs, the life of women and the concept of awrah, khat and becoming a sexual warrior, growing up in Jeddah, education/religion/culture, Daesh aka ISIS, Malaysia vs China, living with an Indian Major of the Malaysian military, landing in JFK and being welcomed with a frightening interrogation, living up in the Bronx in the hood, the war in Yemen, having deep Jewish roots, change, transformation and being reborn in America, popping bubbles and big fat damns, interpretations of the Middle East, Trump’s so-called Muslim Ban, American politics, homelessness in the city vs the countryside, the business of smuggling refugees and other stateless people, and Oh Canada.

Jacob ends the episode with a special personal message to President Trump.

We took a final fat hit before he jumped on a late night A train for his long journey back down to Brooklyn. Riyadh vs Jeddah, Female vs Male, these two episodes represent the abridged stories of two openminded, young, wild, brave, complicated, and determined Saudis seeking a better life and papers that might allow them to have some semblance of legal protection as they hustle their way to the next station of their lives.

At the time of this episode’s publication, President Trump’s so-called Muslim Ban seems in jeopardy as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled unanimously against reinstating the travel ban.

According to the tweety bird, it seems that the Unstable Orangutan is unhappy. Lettuce pray for him.

To be continued.

Host: Sh∞tspitter Kane

Guest: Jacob the Yemeni Smuggler

Brought to you by: LSD Strain + Northern Lights

Location: POETLab Studios

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