One night at 1:52:03am, the Chest Thumping Succubus descended upon me from a dark supernatural wet place like a frightening dream demon, cackling sadistically as she tried to collect my semen to the vibrating beat of the ping pong circulate.

She rendered me speechless and delirious. After the operation, my voice slowly started to come sexy back, butt before I could ask her name or what she was planning to do with it, she was gone and all I had left was a memory of my impending posterity.

Luckily, my iPhone 6s+ was next to my bed. Since I’m always ready, I was able to record this rare chance encounter, probably for the first time in NYC history. This episode is thus very serious. Whatever happens, please try not laugh. Because if you do, I’m afraid she may also come for you.

Host: Sh∞tspitter Kane

Guest: Chest Thumper Succubus

Brought to you by: Alaskan Thunderfuck

Location: In Bed

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