Megumi is a Japanese-Mexican force of nature. She and the Shootspitter have literally traveled the world together, living and working on a ship for 6 months of their lives, circumnavigating the globe on two separate occasions – the first time around the southern hemisphere and the second time around the northern hemisphere – traveling to thirty or so countries along the way.

When he called her up to the POETLab Studios, the Shootspitter knew they’d have some memories to share and that she’d have some crazy things to say. Little did he know exactly how deep the crazy would go. They talked about the PeaceBoat, growing up in Mexico City, getting kicked out of her house at 16, being homeless and trying to survive on the mean Mexican streets for two years, using her brains and karate street fighter skills, panhandling and hustling, tagging and bombing and battling, getting hooked on cocaine and then kicking the addiction, eventually reconciling with her parents, and finally making it back to NYC after that fateful visit while on the PeaceBoat.

And now after 8 years in NYC, it looks like it’s all slowly coming to an end. But every ending is a new beginning and she has no regrets. After all, she’s lived a pretty damn crazy life in NYC and has a few more salacious stories to share, whether it’s working as a dominatrix in an S&M dungeon or somehow hooking up with a top male supermodel with a huge dick through an online “Facebook for Fucking” website.

Her motto is: “Whatever people think of you, Megumi, it’s none of your business.” And she sure as hell walks and talks like she believes that.

Host: Sh∞tspitter Kane

Guest: Megumi

Special Shoutouts: PeaceBoat

Location: POETLab Studios

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