Mark-Ameen Johnson is a Professor of English at New York University. He was born and raised in Bay Ridge, south Brooklyn, and continues to live within walking distance from the house he grew up in. He stopped by the POETLab to discuss his neighborhood, education, extremist religion, OCD, and the more politicized, polarizing, and fascinating subset of the disorder called HOCD (Homosexual Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder).

Mr. Johnson’s compassion for his fellow human beings, regardless of their background or beliefs, is a testament to his character. His passion for teaching, music, foreign languages, geeking out, comic and other books, science fiction, super heroes, Ethel Merman, and his LGBTQ cat Roscoe must be heard to be believed.

Host: Sh∞tspitter Kane

Guest: Mark-Ameen Johnson

Special Shoutouts: Whoopi Goldberg, Morgan Heritage, Dr. Michael J. Greenberg, Peter David, ACT-UAW NYU Labor Union

Brought to you by: Too much caffeine

Location: POETLab Studios

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