Mark-Ameen Johnson is a Professor of English at New York University. He was born and raised in Bay Ridge, south Brooklyn, and continues to live within walking distance from the

PiB013 – Hyde Al-Maghrib Park

Hyde Al-Maghrib Park is a first-generation immigrant from Morocco who also happens to be a US citizen. He is currently a student at NYU. ∞ Host: Sh∞tspitter Kane Guest: Hyde Al-Maghrib

Georgios is a third generation Greek from Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. It is what it is, it was what it was, and it will be what it will

PiB011 – Sunday Sermen

Exclusive leaked Sunday Semen from Trump Tower. ∞ Host: “The President” Guests: Americans Special Shoutouts: Российская Федерация Brought to you by: Freedom Cock Us Location: Trump Tower Cathedral

PiB010 – メグミの Vida Loca

Megumi is a Japanese-Mexican force of nature. She and the Shootspitter have literally traveled the world together, living and working on a ship for 6 months of their lives, circumnavigating

PiB009 – Andrés’ Magical Realism

Welcome to Colombia. Welcome to the concrete jungle. Welcome to Andrés’ Magical Realism. ∞ Host: Sh∞tspitter Kane Guest: Andrés Brought to you by: Kool Aid Smile Location: POETLab Studios


The Roman month of Februarius was named after the latin term februum, which means purification, which we need. In India, this final day of the non-leap-year month is designated as

PiB007 – Evan’s Darkness Before the Light

On this last Thursday of Black History Month, we’re throwing it back, rewind, to last July. T’was a warm summer night and Times Square was Disneyland as usual. I was

PiB006 – Chest Thumping Succubus

One night at 1:52:03am, the Chest Thumping Succubus descended upon me from a dark supernatural wet place like a frightening dream demon, cackling sadistically as she tried to collect my

Pêche Di is the multi-talented founder of Trans Models NYC, one of the first transgender modeling agencies in the world, and a partner in the TeaDate App, a place where