PiB004 – Jacob the Yemeni Saudi Smuggler

Last Friday, Feb 3rd, exactly one week ago, was a busy day for both of us. Nevertheless, Yasmin the Super Woman persisted, and I appreciated every single NYC minute of

PiB003 – Yasmin is a Super Woman

Yasmin is a super woman from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. On Friday, Feb 3rd, coming off the heels of the historical Women’s March and the various protests around the country regarding

With the plight of the fresh orangutan still on my mind, I decided to shift my attention to an animal of similar hue, the red rooster, not to be confused

PiB001 – White Lies Matter

(Little) white lies (apparently don’t) matter, even when an impressive collection of them eventually, after a lifetime of redundant behavior, transmogrifies into one huge white lie. That being said, we

I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that a privileged someone said the American Dream is dead. If that is indeed the case, let’s go ahead and inaugurate another one in